TrailFit is a movement. A phenomenon. It’s about staying fit and finding your fit anywhere without a ceiling. You don’t need a tent. just intent. To get out, push yourself, and reach new heights. Earn a better view. Of the world. Of yourself. TrailFit is for the incline inclined. For those ready to charge. On any trail they choose.

Wherever you set your course, whether it be urban sidewalks, mountain paths, city hills or stairs – they are all trails ready to be explored!


KEEN & Cotswold Outdoor are creating the perfect setting for TrailFit events in London (25th March and 1st April) and Bristol (22nd April). Experience everything you need right in the centre of where it happens. Get technical information, listen to inspiring stories from the KEEN Ambassadors, and get ready to join us outside for a TrailFit Workout! This workout will be led by one of the KEEN ambassadors and show you how to use the city to your advantage. Make the city your trail!


If you would like to join one of our free events, please register below. This is what the event will look like:

  • Gather in a Cotswold Outdoor Store at 15:00
  • Meet a KEEN Ambassador
  • Get the Terradora experience
  • TrailFit workout starts at 16:00 (and will last around 1.5 hrs.)
  • Gather at the store again – enjoy some refreshments
  • Q&A with the ambassador. Get all the inside info you need.

The workout will be accessible for everybody, even if you are a beginner. But if you’re not a beginner, no worries, we’ll make sure you find it challenging as well. We would advise you to come in sportswear, appropriate for the weather conditions that day.