An exceptional viewing pass and merchandise combo! Buy a Banff Buff and claim your viewing pass free! Only limited numbers available!


What You Get:

- Limited edition Banff Buff: Produced especially for the UK & Ireland Banff shows and made from recycled plastic bottles, this intricately designed Buff celebrates the natural beauty of Banff National Park in Canada. The ultimate accessory for your next adventure, Buffs are highly breathable, quick drying, seamless and can be worn in 12 different ways!

- FREE Viewing Pass: To claim your pass simply place either a Red or Blue Film Programme virtual event into your cart. Once your bundle is also in the cart, head to the checkout and use the code REDBUNDLE (with a red films viewing pass) or BLUEBUNDLE (with a blue films viewing pass), and your pass will be FREE (saving you £10)!

Once you have completed your purchase we will post out the Tour Buff. Your confirmation email outlines how to create your streaming login and details on how to access the films and virtual foyer (available once the viewing period starts).


Please note that the show can only be watched from locations within the UK and Ireland.

Banff - Mt Blanc Bundle