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Made by Marvellous Maps, this Great British Wildlife & Environment Map is a celebration of Britain’s wildlife and habitats – and a call to conserve them.


Biodiverse Britain is a natural phenomenon to be reckoned with, the perfect environment for swanning about on wild adventures. From Orkney's orcas to the seals of Scilly, Britain's kaleidoscope of natural wonders is ripe for exploring, adoring and - most definitely - restoring. 


Featuring over 1,500 wildlife hotspots, conservation projects, eco events and gloriously green days out, with handy summaries of key environmental issues and steps you can take to help address them, it’s the grassroots guide to having a whale of a time around wild Britain.



  • BRITAIN’S TOP 50: Britain’s top-of-the-trees wildlife highlights and ecocentric attractions - plus a seriously sustainable journey that links them all up.


  • FLORA & FAUNA: 500 places to spot the mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, minibeasts, fish, crustaceans and plants that call Britain home.


  • WILDLIFE HAVENS: Get back to nature with over 400 lush habitats where a myriad of species across the animal kingdoms commingle.


  • GREEN INITIATIVES: Discover 70 projects and initiatives pushing conservation across the nation.


  • ECO ATTRACTIONS: Over 150 clean green days out, from nature-nurturing wildlife and conservation centres to museums and family attractions.


  • FESTIVALS & EVENTS: Lark it up at 30 of Britain’s bloomin’ brilliant wildlife and environment-themed festivals and events.


  • SUSTAINABLE SAFARIS: Plan your own Great British migration with 20 nature trails and eco-friendly expeditions.


  • TREE-MENDOUS TRIVIA: More than 100 fresh facts about eco-warriors, protests and planet-friendly innovations to keep you entertained until the (long-horned) cows come home.



  • Full-colour, two-sided map of Great Britain with over 1,500 amazing wildlife & environment-related locations

  • Printed on FSC-certified professional mapping paper

  • Dreamed up, designed and made in sunny Britain

Great British Wildlife & Environment Map


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