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Top Dog Film Festival - 2021 Film Programme


The 2021 Top Dog Film Festival features collection of uplifting canine-inspired short films, all celebrating the unbreakable bond between dogs and their people! Meet the doggy doctors lending a paw to the medical profession, and much more.

Available to watch for 3 days from date of purchase.


  • The Top Dog Films are available to watch for 3 days from the date of purchase.

  • Available to watch in Europe only (except for Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

  • Single viewing passes £10.

  • ​Includes access to bonus content and interactive virtual foyer.

  • Buying a Gift? Purchase a gift card AVAILABLE HERE. The recipient can choose any Top Dog (or Banff or Ocean) Film Festival programme from the Virtual Live Events or Encore Channel when redeeming. 

  • Note the Top Dog Films were shown virtually as part of the virtual Winter 2020/21 series.



Top Dog Film Festival - Dr Dog


26 minutes

All dog-lovers know that our four-legged friends are therapeutic, but Dr Dog takes this to the next level. In this extraordinary film, we join dogs working in the field of medicine, from cancer and diabetes detection dogs, to dogs making life-changing donations at the doggy blood bank. Full of heart-warming moments and incredible feats of science, this is a unique insight into the canine companions who help dogs and humans alike.

Top Dog Film Festival - Dog Date Afternoon


9 minutes

To date the girl of his dreams, a germaphobe must win over the most important loved ‘person’ in her life: her border collie Scout. But when he learns that Scout likes to be involved in everything, he'll soon learn that man's best friend can also become man's worst enemy. A heart-warming and hilarious film that suitors across the land will relate to.

Top Dog Film Festival - Mark and Mya


8 minutes

After the unexpected loss of his Dad, travel-addict Mark is determined to explore the world – but not without his fluffy white German shepherd Mya by his side. On a road trip of over 80,000km, Mark and Mya’s many adventures include skiing, snow-shoeing and white-water rafting, and the loveable duo share pet-friendly tips on how to have a dog and a life of adventure and travel at the same time.

Top Dog Film Festival - Finns Law


11 minutes

In 2016, police dog Finn was on duty with his dad, PC Dave Wardell, when he was stabbed while trying to apprehend a criminal with a knife. Fortunately Finn survived, but his attacker was only charged will criminal damage. Due to Finn and Dave’s campaigning, Finn’s Law was passed in parliament. This film documents Finn’s journey and how Finn’s Law is affecting police dogs today, as well as taking an inside look at how police dogs are trained, from puppies to adult dogs.

Top Dog Film Festival - Paws and Wheels


9 minutes

Oli Dorn is one of Germany’s best mountain bike riders, and he’s rarely seen without his trusty Australian shepherd Balu. With stunning cinematography, Paws and Wheels shows not only how much fun you can have on two wheels, but how much fun you can have on four paws! This short film is a story of epic trail shredding, but also friendship and the unbreakable bond that comes from sharing your hobby with your best furry friend.

Top Dog Film Festival - Cody


37 minutes

Adopting a rescue dog can be challenging but life changing. Cody is an adopted Romanian street dog who, along with his human companion, wants to share what they have learnt so more dogs can find a loving home. Using their example of how profound the human-animal bond can be, they aim to inspire more people to adopt, or at least pay a visit to their local shelter. This moving film reminds us that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what happened in their past.

Top Dog Film Festival - Mike and Abbie


7 minutes

Mike’s world collapsed around him when he unexpectedly lost his job, relationship and home. Drifting through life, he ended up at an animal shelter, where he formed an instant bond with Abbie, a kelpie pup who was also traumatised having being abandoned on a busy highway. From that moment, Mike and Abbie started a remarkable journey of recovery together, bonding over their love of the beach – and surfing!

Please note that the film programme may be subject to change and some of the films contain a small amount of coarse language.

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